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Is a Seat a good car? 

Seat was founded in the 1950’s and were brought to life in Barcelona. Initially created to “get Spain moving” they have achieved this and then some. In present times, Seat are currently one of the more popular car companies on the market, with a strong reputation of being part of the world-renowned Volkswagen Family (VAG Group). Known for good quality for reasonable cost, its worth checking out what we have in our Seat Offers!


Is a Seat a good first car?

Seat have a perfect option as a first car in the Ibiza. Being a small 1 litre engine hatchback, it is a general winner for new drivers. The spec on these is generally very good also, with the base FR Model coming with 17” Alloys, 8” Digital Cockpit and Full Link smartphone integration (Mirror Link, Wireless Apple CarPlay, Google Android Auto). The chassis is the same as the Volkswagen Polo, so they are very similar cars.


Is a Seat good family car?

Looking at the Seat range, you can see that their foundation is based on family vehicles. The majority of vehicle produced by Seat can easily accommodate a family, whether it be small or large.


Is the Seat a good car for dogs?

Seat do offer some suitable options for Dogs. You have some big SUVs like the Tarraco and the Ateca which will fit a dog with ease. Other models like the Leon estate and the Arona might fit a medium to small dog.


Is Seat good for towing?

Seat have some outstanding options for towing! The Tarraco and the Ateca are the better. With the Tarraco being able to tow up to 2400 kg, and the Ateca able to tow up to 2000kg, they are more than capable to tows caravans and trailers!


Is there a hybrid Seat?

Seat do not offer a Hybrid option currently. Hopefully this is to come soon!


Is there an electric Seat?

Seat do offer an electric bike, however there are not currently any electric cars in their range. The other branch of Seat – Cupra- do offer an EV though! Check it out, Click here!

What’s it like to drive? 


Reviewers’ opinion

Not long ago, I took delivery of my brand-new Seat Ibiza from Central. First off, the car looks great! I got the FR Sport model, so it looks slightly more aggressive and sportier which I love. The beauty isn’t only skin deep though. It was a surprise to find the interior being one of the better I’ve had. Digital dash; a massive touchscreen; the red trims; and the suede seats all make this car so enjoyable to drive. For the price I pay a month the value for money is a joke! People genuinely don’t believe the price is so low haha! Without a doubt, ill be back to Central for another Seat is a couple of years!


What does it look like?

The Seat Ibiza is one a fantastic looking hatchback. Seat has done a great jobs of modernising the Ibiza without losing the compact frame, yet maximising space. From the front, the first feature you notice is the triangular LED headlights and the creased bonnet. This sharp theme runs throughout the the design and gives the car a certain aggressiveness.

At the rear, the lights are also triangular. It give a clean cut feel and added flair with the hand written Ibiza logo, just under the Seat badge, bang in the centre of the boot. Really symetrical and clean lines keep this can looking smart and sporty making it appealing for any age group. 

What’s it like inside? 

Seat, like so many others, have made the interior of the Ibiza simplified and easy to use. In doing this, Seat have retained a modern and stylish feel. While the functionality is more extensive that the previous models, there looks to be less buttons and knobs which makes for a sleek finish.

Prices and specification

Which Seat is the cheapest model?

Seat Ibiza

How much does it cost?

RRP £17,955

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