Car insurance is a legal requirement, all motorists are required by law to insure their cars. It provides financial protection in the event of an accident.

Need Insurance? The finance company are the registered owner and keeper of the leased vehicle. However, there may be some exceptions dependent on which finance company the vehicle is leased through.

Top tips for reducing your insurance premiums

Excellent support

Insurance Group

Check insurance group (1-50) & consider black box

Great Deals

Add additional driver

adding experienced driver to your policy may decrease the risk


Pay Annually

Pay annually as it can be cheaper than paying monthly



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Is insurance included in my lease?

No, insurance is not included within your vehicle lease. It is the responsibility of the customer to insure the vehicle for the full duration of the lease.

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When should my insurance start and end?

As soon as your vehicle arrives at the dealership and we have a registration number we will forward this to the customer so that they can start to get insurance quotes – Get Car Quote or Get Van Quote. You will need to insure your vehicle as follows:

Insurance start date: You must insure from day of delivery

Insurance end date: You must stay insured until the vehicle is collected at the end of the lease.

What type of insurance do I need?

You will need a fully comprehensive insurance policy – this will cover full cost of any repairing any damage and third party property should you have an accident.

Who is the registered owner and keeper of the vehicle?

The finance company are the registered owner and keeper of the leased vehicle. You will need to pass on the finance companies details to your insurance provider.

Policy holder name(s)?
  • Personal contract hire – person taking out the finance must be the ‘main’ policy holder on the insurance certificate
  • Business contract hire – insurance certificate should be in the name of the company or a director’s name.
Need to add a private number plate?

You can add a private plate to most lease vehicles, you will just need to get permission from the finance company.

Sometimes this can be added before delivery but this may delay the delivery process so we recommend that you take delivery and then liaise with the finance company to get this added. Please note that most finance companies charge a fee for doing so. At the end of the lease we suggest that you give yourself enough time to remove the private plate before the car is collected as this is a mandatory requirement.

My insurance company cannot find my registration number on their systems?

Some insurance companies may not find your registration number on their systems as most lease vehicles are registered with the DVLA a day before delivery so that the warranty, breakdown cover and road tax don’t start too early.

You will need to explain to your insurance company that it is a brand new vehicle, typically registered a day before delivery. They can still give you a quote, just supply them with the following information:

  • Vehicle make and model
  • Engine size
  • Colour
  • P11D value