Peugeot Leasing Deals.

Is Peugeot a good car?

Peugeot are one of the pillars in the Automotive Industry and have aided the progression of the motor car since 1889! Peugeot is stacked with experience and hugely decorated in various accolades when it comes to the manufacture of vehicles, cars especially. In the modern day, Peugeot still upkeep a popular reputation, offering a vast range of different size and shaped vehicles. Definitely one to look out for when grabbing one of our lease deals!   


Is a Peugeot a good first car?

Peugeot offer a small car called the 208 which would be ideal for a first-time driver. Small yet spacious and modern looking, it would be hard to ignore when listed against its competitors. If you live in a city Peugeot also offers the E-208 which is fully electric!


Is a Peugeot good family car?

If it’s a family car, you are after, Peugeot cover all bases. An abundance of vehicles is offered from family Hatchbacks, Small SUVs, Saloons, Estates or Big MPVs. Loads of options to suit any and every family!  


Is the Peugeot a good car for dogs?

Again, Peugeot have a plethora of larger vehicles, more than capable of ferrying the family and family pets around. Large or small dogs would be welcomed into the majority of spacious models Peugeot offer!


Is Peugeot good for towing?

The Peugeot 5008 will tow just over 1.5 tonnes, giving the opportunity to pull a trailer or the average 4 berth caravan. Perfect for a family holiday!


Is there a hybrid Peugeot?

Peugeot offer 7 different hybrid vehicles. Peugeot have put sustainability at the forefront when developing their engines. This shows Peugeot have acknowledged change needs to be made, regarding the combustion engine, and have taken steps to be a highly sustainable company.


Is there an electric Peugeot?

Again, it shows Peugeots innovation that they have 5 options for electric vehicles ranging from small hatches to large MPV’s! Loads of variety, which gives everyone the opportunity to think green!


What’s it like to drive? 


Reviewers’ opinion

First, I’m so glad I signed up for the offer on the 3008 when Central told me too. The price is so good for the car I’ve got! Mega Value! Secondly, the car itself is such a joy to drive, lovely and smooth on the road with barely any noise. My kids also love it, they say “it looks like a spaceship”, always put a smile on their face. The practicality is also unreal. I can put my 2 car seats in the back, no trouble. I can fit a tonne in the boot and its high tech! if I’m honestly, I was dubious about having a Peugeot, but this car has set my fears aside. If they are cheap in the future, I’d have one again!


What does it look like?

The Peugeot 3008 is a modern looking small SUV. Peugeot has upgraded the front end of this with Tomahawk like headlights accompanied by varies vents and a new grille! Depending on which spec you go for, you can have tinted glass, 18 inch alloys and a black pack.

What’s it like inside? 

The Interior of the Peugeot is a pleasing environment to be is. Premium feeling button and dials surround the cockpit. Also, a great looking infotainment system which boast Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Digital dials come as standard. Peugeot have covered everything down the storage. The centre arm rest opens from the middle and has enough space to fit a 2litre bottle laying flat. Also has 2 cup holders. The design of the seats is also desirable. Comfortable layout throughout the vehicle. Would be perfect for families. 

Price and specification.

Which Peugeot is the cheapest model?

Peugeot 208

How much does it cost?

RRP from £19,190.00

Full Peugeot Range

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