What is the cheapest car to lease right now?

What is the cheapest car to lease right now?

On our website we have every make and model of vehicle, if your looking for something small or big, fast or economical look no further. Looking for the best cheapest lease deal visit our special offers page, this has a list of all discounted offers, search by budget or the cheapest deal first.

Can I trade in my car and get a cheaper one?

A lease trade in is different than trading a purchased vehicle. If you're trading in a leased car to a dealership and/or terminating the contract early, there are a number of penalties and fees that must be paid to the leasing company, and the contract still must be dealt with. When you are leasing directly from a finance company which all of our contract hire customers do then you don't actually have the option to trade it in for a better model. You would need to get an early termination price, pay that off and then go into any other lease.

Trade in value my car / when can you trade in an old car / trade in car near me - You can't actually trade in a lease car for a cheaper one when you are in a Contract Hire / Personal Contract Hire, you would need to get a early termination quote, pay that off and then look for another lease. If you have a second hand car to sell then Central has partnered with Motorway to sell your second hand car online fast and hassle free.

What is the cheapest SUV to lease?

Visit our website for the Cheapest SUV Lease deals - we aim to be the cheapest in the market, if you see a cheaper deal let us know and we will look to match or better it.

What is the cheapest small SUV to lease? What is the least expensive SUV to lease? Are SUV's expensive to lease? Visit our website for the best Big SUV and Small SUV / Estate and affordable Special Offer SUV's.

Cheap SUV lease deals

What are the cheapest family cars to lease?

If you are looking for a family car, visit our website for the following cheapest deals by vehicle type:

Cheapest Saloon

Cheapest Estate

Cheapest Hatchback

Cheapest 4x4

Cheapest MPV

What are the cheapest business cars to lease?

Visit our website for the Cheapest Business Cars To Lease

What are the cheapest city cars to lease?

Visit our website for the Cheapest City Cars To Lease

How can I get a cheap lease?

Step by step process a customer must take to get a cheap lease deal

Step 1 - Choose a vehicle

Visit our website to search prices on thousands of vehicles. If your after cheap lease deals then simply search by budget e.g. lease deals up to £200. You can also use the refine filter to narrow down your search criteria e.g. cheap SUV lease deals

If your after 'Cheap lease deals near me' - look no further, we find the best prices and delivery straight to your door to any UK mainland address, leasing is so simple, there are no geographical boundaries.

Step 2 - Get a written quote

When you have chosen your desired vehicle request a quote online, or email [email protected] or ring 01952 222703 for a written quote.

Step 3 - Apply for credit

When you are happy with your quote you will need to complete a one-page credit application form. We will send your completed form to the finance company who will perform a credit check on either you personally or your business.

Step 4 - Order your vehicle

Upon credit approval you will need to sign our order form so we can order and secure your vehicle with the dealership. Our administration department will supply regular updates on the status of your vehicle throughout the process.

Step 5 - Complete finance documents

Finance documents are emailed to you from our administration team. It will contain your scheduled payments, a direct debit form and terms and conditions of your lease. You will need to print and return your signed contracts before we can proceed.

Step 6 - Arrange delivery

When your vehicle is in stock and all finance documents have been returned the administration department will contact you with your registration number and offer a delivery date. All vehicles are delivered free to anywhere in the UK mainland. Upon delivery you will be required to sign a vehicle acceptance note.

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