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Is Mazda a good car? 

According to consumer reports, Mazda has been voted the most reliable car brand on the market. Offering a huge range of vehicles to suit all walks of life, they really do have something for everyone! From small hatchbacks to big SUV and not forgetting the legendary MX5 2 seat roadster that has been a fan favourite for years. See our latest Mazda offers


Is a Mazda a good first car?

Mazda’s small to medium hatchbacks make the ideal first car for example the Mazda 2 or 3 models. The Mazda3 is a fantastic vehicle to choose whether it's your first car or not. It has the features you want and the access you need to make it the first new car for you. The smaller engine models available across the range also generate cheaper insurance premiums ideal for the younger driver.


Is a Mazda a good family car?

Mazda offer a wide range of suitable family sized vehicles with all the latest gizmos and gadgets along with the all-important space needed for any family. For example, The CX-5's strong history of dependability and excellent safety features make it an attractive family-friendly option.


Is the Mazda a good car for dogs?

There is no arguing, Mazda are great for dog owners! Mazda took the Best Car for Dog Owners Award in 2019 presented by Auto Trader. A great option to consider is the Mazda CX-5 all-wheel drive, which helps improve traction in rain, snow, and rugged terrain, perfect for the active pup that's always up for an adventure. With blind spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alert, you and the pooch will be safer on long road trips and during weekend adventuring.


Is Mazda good for towing?

Most Mazda vehicles equipped with a towing package, or an available tow hitch accessory can effectively tow a trailer. If your Mazda has no provision for a tow hitch or tow package, the vehicle is not designed to tow a trailer and damage could occur.


Is there a hybrid Mazda?

Mazda offer a Hybrid option in the majority of there range. Be it mild-hybrid, Hybrid (HEV) or even Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV)


Is there an electric Mazda ?

Currently (2022) Mazda have one Electric to offer the MX-30 with more to be introduced to the range very soon! The MX-30 is a stylish and unorthodox choice in the small electric car market. It's fun to drive and decent value for money too.



What’s it like to drive?

Mazda is one of those manufacturers who just gets it, more so in fact than many people realise. The Japanese brand likes to make sure its vehicles tick all the boxes in terms of design, comfort, just the right amount of technology, great driving dynamics and a package that is both practical and enjoyable. 


Reviewers’ opinion

“Drives like a dream, just love it. Best value for money lease in my books “(independent CVL customer review)

What does it look like?

What's it like inside?

Which Mazda is the cheapest model?

The cheapest model in the current Mazda line up is the Mazda 2. The 2022 Mazda2 is an agile and compact city car, instantly catching the eye with its Kodo designed elegance and style. Also available with a hybrid engine.

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