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Is Land Rover a good car?

The worlds favourite 4x4, Land Rover, came about in 1948. Not only known for pushing the boundaries of exploration, but Land Rover also pride themselves on their innovative approach to family SUV’s. Over the years their collection has evolved into a top British brand of SUV. This shows through every vehicle offered by Land Rover as their vehicles style, technology and comfort are notorious for being top tier every year. Yes, they are a premium brand, and you can expect to pay at the higher end for them. However, many rave about how they are elated with the quality and happy they didn’t spare the expense. Land Rovers are not only a status symbol, but are known for being the best Luxury SUV, hence why the desire for them is so prolific.


Is a Land Rover a good first car?

For a first car the Land Rover range isn’t one we would recommend. The combination of large size and high value isn’t usually a good mix when you consider a first time drive. Not to mention insurance costs!


Is a Land Rover a good family car?

Land Rover are renowned for being some of the best most luxury family vehicles on the market. A combination of space and comfort make them tough to beat. Also, the SUV style, whether it be small or large, suits most families as the higher seating positions generally gives an air of safety.


Is the Land Rover a good car for dogs?

Most Land Rovers have sufficient to ample space to fit any size dog. The Range Rover Evoque might slightly struggle with the giant breeds, but the rest will be fine!


Is Land Rover good for towing?

Land Rovers are also known for their towing ability, especially in Britain, hence why they are commonly used on farms. Most Land Rovers, excluding the Discovery Sport and the Range Rover Evoque, will pull up to 3500 kg! Easily enough to manage most caravan and trailers.


Is there a hybrid Land Rover?

Land Rover have been successful in the integration of Plug-in Hybrid engines into their range. Also, most of their petrol engines use Mild Hybrid technology which contributes to better efficiency!


Is there an electric Land Rover?

The electric Land Rover Range Rover is currently in development. So, no full electric vehicles yet but they are coming soon!


What’s it like to drive? 

Reviewers’ opinion

Directly 2 months ago I took delivery of my New Range Rover Sport. Yet again, I have been left with a smile on my face as this one is my favourite to date. Land Rover have done an outstanding job with the design throughout. This is truly built for any and every occasion. Not only does it look tremendous, but the functionality and practicality are possibly the best I have experienced. All of this does come at a cost, however Central did find a great deal, which definitely eases things. Regardless of the money, now I’ve got one, I would love to stick with Range Rover in the future as, in my opinion, they are the very best.


What does it look like?

The Range Rover Range Rover is the largest model produced by Land Rover and probably the most iconic. The vehicle has just been modernised in the most recent facelift. With that has come great demand due to its new found good looks. The quintessential boxy shape of the Range Rover still remains. However, the grill, trims and lights have all changed to give it a futuristic appearance. Land Rover have pulled this off and managed to keep the class which exudes from the Range Rover.

What’s it like inside? 

The Interior of the Range Rover is really where the car sets itself apart from the rest. Lovely High seating positions and loads of space graces the cabin. Not to mention the endless tech that awaits you. Dependant on spec level, there are Large Screen, Massage and ventilated seats, heated steering wheel, electric seats all round, premium materials… And that’s just scratching the surface. Ultimately, for the passengers, and the driver, the experience you have in a Range Rover is something to remember.

Price and specs 


Which is the cheapest model?

The Land Rover Range Rover Evoque


How much does it cost?

Starting RRP From £34010.00

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