Hyundai Leasing Deals.

Is Hyundai a good car? Founded in 1967 in Seoul South Korea, Hyundai came into the scene to assist Ford with the production of the Cortina. Later, in 1975, Hyundai’s own first car was released, The Pony was here! Hyundai have built up there reputation quickly in comparison to other brans and the are now known and purchased all over the world. A combination of reliability and amazing value keep these vehicles well within the reach of people who are after a new car and makes Hyundai a great option to consider.


Is a Hyundai a good first car?

For a first car it doesn’t get more ideal than the Hyundai range. There are many small / medium hatchbacks to choose from which are generally great on fuel and loads of tech for the money!


Is a Hyundai a good family car?

Hyundai have many different options for a family to choose from. Their range extends from every size of SUV to estates, and all the way down to small hatchback. If it is a family vehicle you are after, Hyundai should be on your shortlist.


Is the Hyundai a good car for dogs?

Hyundai’s diversity enables them to be idea for any type of dog. If you’ve got a big dog, they have big cars and if you’ve got a dog on the smaller size Hyundai will have something to accommodate!


Is Hyundai good for towing?

Hyundai’s largest SUV is the one to go for if you’re looking to tow anything as it will allow you to tow up to 1500kg.

In recent times Hyundai have looked more towards reducing the size of their engines to make them more efficient, in terms of CO2 emissions. With that, unfortunately, some of their previous towing performance has decreased.


Is there a hybrid Hyundai?

Of course, they do! Hyundai have put efficiency at the front of their minds when progressing in current times. They have an extensive range of hybrids with 6 vehicles getting the option for electric and petrol combined!


Is there an electric Hyundai?

By the looks of things, Hyundai are giving a big push on electric vehicles. In the last 4 years Hyundai have released 3 Electric vehicles. This is amazing progress, and this is a sure way to secure longevity in the market!


What’s it like to drive? 

Reviewers’ opinion

The Family and I love our Hyundai Tucson. Great for any occasion, and plenty of room to ferry the family and friends around. Also, having a big boot definitely helps. I can fit the shopping and a pram in! Makes life a heel of a lot easier. This is our first lease car so its also nice to have something that looks the part! Overall we are all pleased with the outcome of choosing the Hyundai and will probably look to return to the brand next time round. Big thanks to Central for the recommendation!


What does it look like?

Hyundai have arguably produced one of the most desirable Electric vehicles on the market- The Ioniq 5. Its retro yet futuristic body has captured the hearts of the UK and has proved to be a winner for the EV’s. Slightly boxy in shape, yet Hyundai have still managed to maintain the vision of a hot hatch. The square lights on the front and the rear give an amazing 80’s esc look, which surprisingly is a huge hit to younger drivers. Hyundai have truly hit the mark with this design!

What’s it like inside? 

Like the majority of electric vehicles, the Ioniq 5 is really minimal. Everything can be operated from the Instrument cluster surrounding the cockpit, which makes for loads of room remaining around the cabin. The Interior is so practical! - There is so much storage! Leg room is great, there’s big door bins, Cup holders and there’s masses of space in the glove compartment! The theme of space follows throughout the vehicle. Its hard the fathom how Hyundai have managed to make the interior of the vehicle feel so big in a hatchback vehicle!

Price and Specs

Which is the cheapest model?

They Hyundai I10

How much does it cost?

Starting RRP from £14,995.00

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