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Is a Ford a good car? 

Ford have been known for their innovation from the start and gained probably the biggest reputation in the car world to date. Henry Ford started Ford in the early 1900’s and not only did he engineer Fords own new models, but he also engineered a whole new way of manufacturing cars, enabling them to be cheaper and more accessible to the masses. Mass produced, value for money, vehicles have been Ford’s forte since the word go and to this day, they uphold that stance. The quality of cars across all car brands has increased over the years and Ford have been up there with the front runners. Many models of Ford are recognised all over the world for being phenomenal cars for money you pay. Check some of the Ford models out here!

Is a Ford a good first car?

Ford produce the Fiesta which is easily one of the best first cars on the market. In fact, the Fiesta is Britain’s most popular car and there are said to have been 4.8 million of them sold over its 46 successful years! The fiesta is known for its smaller size and its nippy nature. Usually, the engines are small and efficient which make them great on insurance costs also. Check out the Fiesta here and see why it remains top dog of the small hatchbacks!


Is a Ford a good family car?

Ford literally cater for every family situation out there. Small, medium and large families are easily catered for. Your family has special requirements e.g., Wheelchair access? Look no further! Ford has a range of MPVs and larger “People Carriers” perfect for you. The beauty of Ford is they have more of a menu of models to choose from, they have truly taken all scenarios into consideration!


Is the Ford a good car for dogs?

Ford have a huge range of options which can suit any dog! Bags space in their MPV and SUV range would work well as they are so practical! 


Is a Ford good for towing?

Ford have got a massive range of vehicle that are great for towing. The Galaxy, S-Max, Kuga, Ranger are all big hitters for towing. All capable of pulling the average caravan and trailer.


Is there a hybrid Ford?

Ford have been so forward-thinking regarding Hybrid and Electric vehicles. They have a range for Plug-in Hybrids (PHEV), Self-Charging Hybrids and Mild Hybrids. Most of the engines produced by ford do have some sort of electric assist, which is a massive push in the right direction.


Is there an electric Cupra?

Again, Ford vehicle range extends into the realm of EV’s. Their main flagship vehicle is the Mustang Mach-E which is a sought-after premium SUV which competes with the like of Audi E-Tron and Jaguar I-Pace. Ford have also shown innovation in other areas of the transport industry. They produce an electric van, the E-Transit, which is also very sought after for companies looking to lower their carbon footprint! 

What’s it like to drive? 


Reviewers’ opinion

Wow! Honestly, when people mention Ford, I have failed to get excited or show interest in the past, as you see them everywhere on the road. Now that I own one, I can now see the appeal! I took delivery of my Ford Puma recently and it is probably the best value for money vehicle I have had! Its relatively new also, which helps as they’re rare to see on the road. Everything I need is in the car, Satnav, Apple CarPlay, Parking Sensors, etc. It even has a bloody heated Windscreen! - FYI, in the winter that’s a god send! The engine is really surprising though. I got the 1.0 Ecoboost and I was concerned that there wouldn’t be enough power. It’s actually quick though! I was concerned I might struggle to pull away from roundabouts or get up to speed on a slip road, but the car is perfectly capable! I’d probably say it’s nippier than my previous car and that was a 1.6 TDI! It’s a lovely car, to be honest, and I’m glad Central recommend the deal to me!


What does it look like?

Ford have incorporated modern style with practicality which has resulted in a beautiful creation called the Puma. It’s a perfect city family vehicle. The Puma doesn’t look too aggressive yet remains edgy. It’s not low to the ground yet has a nice stance on the road. From the front to the rear you get chic trims, gills and skirts. The shape of the car is full of character also. Flowing lines and creases on the arches give the effect that the vehicle is wide and sturdy and, dependant on which model, the alloys are unique. At the rear you can expect a shark fin antenna and a rear spoiler to finish the modern look!

What’s it like inside?


The Puma has a smart interior with loads of tech. It’s the ideal place for anyone after a new car as it comes across very high quality for the price. Again, spec level does differ on what you receive when it comes to functionality. However even the base gets reverse parking sensors, navigation, heated wind screen and a touchscreen display. Obviously as you move through the ranks, you get things like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Digital Dash. Whatever the spec, the space in the car obviously doesn’t change though and there is a fair amount. Especially when you look at other Crossovers in its class. 

Price and specs 


Which Ford is the cheapest model?

Ford Fiesta


How much does it cost?

Starting RRP from £19330.00

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