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Is Fiat a good car?

The acronym F.I.A.T. stands for Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino. From the name alone, you know the prowess and delicate design will exceed expectations. With plenty of experience in the automotive trade, Fiat was founded in 1899 and was the original big Italian car manufacturer. They’ve been known for racing and performance vehicles in the past, however the vehicle that ironically holds the most weight in the brand is the tiny Fiat 500. The original was introduced in 1957, since then the 500 has been transformed exponentially in terms of spec. There have even been other models derived from the original e.g., 500X and the tuned Abarth 595.


Is a Fiat a good first car?

Fiat offer some great options for first cars. The 500 or the Fiat panda are ideal if you are after a good runner and good tech. Mostly based on a 1.0 engine, the MPG is good, and they attract low insurance groups.   Hard to miss out on for a first-time driver!


Is a Fiat a good family car?

Size wise, the Fiat’s would be geared mainly towards a smaller family as they no longer offer a larger MPV or SUV. Saying that, the 500X; the Tipo and the Panda really deliver regarding practicality. You wouldn’t have to worry if it came to the school run, shopping or activities but a long drive to a family get away, with luggage, might be a bit of a squeeze!


Is the Fiat a good car for dogs?

Small to medium sized furry friends would be happy in most of the Fiat’s model range. The 500 might be a bit limited if you plan on carrying people and a dog. But even a dog on its own in a 500 would need to be a small one!  


Is a Fiat good for towing?

Towing isn’t Fiat’s strong suit in all honesty. The bigger models e.g., Tipo and 500X can just about pull anything up to 1500KG. So, unfortunately, you wouldn’t want to hitch up a caravan and go on holiday with one.


Is there a hybrid Fiat?

Most of the Fiat range uses mild hybrid technology as standard! The mpg is sublime from most of the engines offered by Fiat, some reaching a combine 55mpg. From a 1.0litre Petrol Hybrid, that’s incredible!


Is there an electric Fiat?

Of course, there is! And no better place to put an electric engine but in a Fiat 500! The 500 was built for the city in the first place and Fiat have made the clever decision to launch an electric version, which makes the car even more desirable for the city inhabitants. Even if you done live in a city, what a great way to save yourself some money in style, check out the Fiat 500 range!  


What’s it like to drive? 

Had my Fiat 500 for 6 months now and I love it. Initially I thought it might be a bit small, but I’ve grown to love the size as its easy to drive, nimble through traffic and strangely I fit in it comfortably… I am 6ft hahaha! The reason for purchase was I needed something on a great offer as I was just going to commute to work 2/3 times per week. I saw the offer for this at £79.99 per month and couldn’t refuse. Definitely worth the money especially when I can fuel it once a month due to the efficiency. Great little car!!


What does it look like?

Fiat have done their best to keep the heritage alive in the 500 and have chosen to keep it vintage in design on the exterior. Slightly bigger than the original, the 500 is still one of the more sought-after compact vehicles on the market. With is round body and funky headlights, it gives off cool city vibes!

What’s it like inside? 

The interior is a nice place to be on the 500. Different colour panels and different buttons and screens make the space vibrant, without feeling cluttered. Depending on spec you get, you get a wide array of options like rear parking sensors, fixed sunroof and 7” HD Touchscreen. Modern and stylish to say the least!

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What Fiat is the cheapest model?

Fiat 500 Pop

How much does it cost?

RRP from £14,990

Fiat 500 Pop

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