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Is a Cupra a good car? 

Derived from the brand Seat, Cupra are slightly higher end and sporty in comparison to its sister brand. Cupra came to the market, only recently, in 2018, with the Cupra Ateca which was a huge hit. Obviously, this was originally a Seat vehicle, but Cupra decided to take the Ateca to the next level. From there Cupra has excelled and has become a well-recognised brand amongst other family car competitors. Value for money wise, Cupra have got to be one of the best on the market. Check out our Cupra offers here!     

Is a Cupra a good first car?

Generally, the Cupra range is geared towards families or someone who is after something a little sportier. Though, the Cupra Leon could be used as a first car. The Leon range starts from a 1.5 engine and is a stunner of a modern hatchback!


Is a Cupra a good family car?

Copra’s make for great family vehicles. They have made sure to cater for both smaller and slightly larger families. Obviously, the majority of the Cupra range is based off the Seat range, just with some added flavour from the Cupra team. Models like the Seat Leon and the Ateca are great family vehicles. When branded by Cupra, they remain great family vehicles… they just have more character!


Is the Cupra a good car for dogs?

Cupra do make vehicles suitable for dogs! Big or small, Cupra can carry them all!


Is a Cupra good for towing?

The Cupra Ateca is great for towing and can tow up to 2100kg! Perfect for going out on a family holiday!


Is there a hybrid Cupra?

Cupra have delved deeper into the hybrid and electric side of the automotive industry, more so than their sister company Seat. They offer hybrid options within the Formentor and the Leon models.


Is there an electric Cupra?

There is indeed an Electric Cupra. In 2022 the Cupra Born arrived on the scene. It’s a great looking car and its performance is phenomenal. Cupra also aim to release another electric vehicle in the near future called the Urban Rebel! 


What’s it like to drive? 


Reviewers’ opinion

Last month I took delivery of the Cupra Formentor VZ2 and I’m over the moon with how good the vehicle is. The initial choice was solely based on the fact that its possibly the best-looking family vehicle on the road. And the fact that its part of the VAG group also helped. Anyway, the car has surpassed all mine and the families’ expectations. There is ample space for us, and the functionality suits us down to the T. Price is good, Car is good, All is good! Honestly no complaints and thanks to Central for finding us our ideal!


What does it look like?

The Curpa Formentor looks super futuristic. Its classed as a small SUV so loads of space and a higher ride height than you normal saloon / hatchback vehicle. Although it is slightly bigger, the Formentor looks so sleek and sporty. Loads of creases and lines grace the body and the bonnet along with triangular LED headlights. The aggressive nature continues to the rear of the vehicle also. At first notice, a huge lightbar runs from one taillight to the other which is strategically placed below the rear window. It’s placed on a slightly concave panel also, so the light looks sharp! Dependent on which version on the vehicle you go for, you get quad exhausts which is a class touch!   

What’s it like inside?

Cupra have done an awesome job on modernising the interior. Obviously, it is very similar to the VW interior. but the brass-coloured trims and gold badge give it’s a more modern character. You have the choice of black or petrol blue interior and both look great! The cockpit isn’t cluttered but has loads of functionality. The digital cockpit display and the large screen can be operated via the steering wheel or touchscreen which is convenient. In the rear, the vehicle has a large boot and the leg room in the back is adequate for extra passengers. The Formentor over all is spacious and ideal for a modern nuclear family. 

Price and specs 


Which Cupra is the cheapest model?

Cupra Leon


How much does it cost?

Starting RRP from £32790.00

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