Citroen Leasing Deals.

Is Citroen a good car? 

Citroen have been an established car brand since the early 1900’s. Since then, their vision has changed over the years. Most people may know them for their really sport pedigree. However, in present times, Citroen’s movement is largely towards efficiency of their vehicles, with loads of options of PHEV, Hybrid and Electric engines. Citroen don’t shy away from moving forward and staying current with their approach to design, tech and feel when it comes to their range. If you are after value for money overall, check out the Citroen offers we have on lease!


Is a Citroen a good first car?

On the whole Citroens can be very good First cars. The smaller out of the range currently is the Citroen C3. With a combined fuel consumption of 51.4 mpg from their 1.2 Puretech petrol engine- not only will it be cheap to run, but the Insurance is also likely to be on the lower side too.


Is a Citroen a good family car?

Citroens are more then capable of being everything you need from a family car. The range of vehicles spans from the Smaller C3 to the larger MPV’s of the car world e.g., the C5 Aircross and the E-Spacetourer. Copious amounts of leg room and boot space, paralleled with quirky design and effective tech, really makes Citroen a contender for any family.


Is the Citroen a good car for dogs?

Along with being great for the family, Citroen will have a comfy place for the family pet to be welcomed on any journey.


Is Citroen good for towing?

The bigger vehicles offered by Citroen will be the best option regarding towing anything on the larger side. Most of the vehicles from the C5 will tow up to 1500kg.


Is there a hybrid Citroen?

Citroen are looking more and more to the future in terms of keeping their image and their engines up to date. Keeping to that the Hybrid range is impressive. Not only do they provide petrol plug in hybrids but also diesel plug in’s, which you don’t see from a lot of manufacturers. 


Is there an electric Citroen?

Citroen have a set of 4 electric vehicles to choose from currently. The newest to the range is the Citroen Ami which is due to make history yet again for the brand. The Ultracompact, zero emission vehicle is at its peak in a city where it 2.41 metre body can park with ease. The size paired with a turning circle of 7.2 metres really will make it easy for you to navigate the city traffic without problems. 


What’s it like to drive? 

Citroens have a been my go-to car brand for the last 12 years and they never fail me. I have just taken delivery of a C3 Aircoss and its just what I wanted. My kids are grown up now and have their own cars, so I wanted something compact that doesn’t feel like I’m sat on the floor but equally doesn’t feel like I’m sat in a small box. I absolutely got what I wanted. Nice and modern inside, parking sensors, sat nav, I can connect my phone up to it… For me great value for money and that is what keeps me coming back to Citroen!


What does it look like?

 Citroen like to keep their models very distinct when looks are involved. You can find different models have different quirks, but they all maintain this futuristic vibe. The headlights and taillights are designed very well along with different trims around the base of the vehicles to give them their own character. The doors on many models are nice and big to eliminate issues with getting in and out of the car or moving larger cargo.

What's it like inside?

Nice and modern on the inside of the Citroen, comfortable place to be. You’ll find the Aircoss models have this modern minimalist design of which there are lots of small square designs dotted around the interior. its really quite cool. Definitely makes it one to remember!  

Prices and specification

Which Citroen is the cheapest model?

Citroen AMI

How much does it cost?

RRP from £7,695.00

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