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Is an Alfa Romeo a good car? 

Alfa Romeo was officially Incorporated in 1918 in Naples, Italy. From an early time, Alfa has been known to make their vehicles spectacles of beauty throughout. Also, Alfas racing heritage is legendary. The Quadrifoglio name and badge has held many different titles in its time. And even though Alfa don’t so much make cars to race in present times, their current vehicles range is loved by the masses, from the families to racers! Alfa Romeo know how to build a car with comfort, speed and convenience and have Italian prowess flowing throughout! Check our Alfa Romeo offers - here!


Is an Alfa Romeo a good first car?

Currently Alfa Romeo don’t make for a good first car, as their range doesn’t start from anything compact with a small engine. Meaning it might be a recipe for high insurance and the potential for more scrapes for first time drivers.


Is an Alfa Romeo a good family car?

Family cars are where the Alfa range comes into its own. Their current vehicles start from Saloons up to SUV’s, so you could say they are family car specialists! They have mastered the genius combination of space and speed together so everyone can enjoy the fun. There aren’t many cars that can get you and the family from 0-60 in 3.6 seconds… And Alfa produce 3 of them! Along with the fun stuff, practicality plays a big part the design of the Alfa range. The Stelvio has been there flagship family SUV for a while now, and they have just released the Tonale, which is similar in size, but way more technologically advanced. Alfa’s current vehicles can cover generally small to medium families as they, sadly, don’t yet produce a 7-seater.


Is the Alfa Romeo a good car for dogs?

 The Alfa Stelvio and Tonale should be able to accommodate most dogs. The Giulia might struggle with larger dogs as it is only a saloon vehicle.


Is a Alfa Romeo good for towing?

Alfa Romeo’s range is quite good for towing. The smallest towing capacity is carried by the Tonale, which can still tow up to 1500kg. the largest is the Stelvio which can tow up to a huge 2300 kg!


Is there a hybrid Alfa Romeo?

Alfa Romeo’s new Tonale comes a 1.5 Petrol Mild Hybrid. No Plug-in Hybrid technology yet though.


Is there an electric Alpha Romeo?

Unfortunately, there aren’t any options for full electric engines in the Alfa range yet.


What’s it like to drive? 


Reviewers’ opinion

When my Alfa arrived I knew it was going to be something special but nothing could of prepared me for this! I took delivery of my Giulia Quadrifoglio a few months back and the car is - without question - the best car I’ve had! Its fast, practical, it looks mean… It’s exactly what I thought it would be and more. Yes, its not the cheapest car to lease, however I think is a reasonable price to pay for the quality of experience it provides you with! 11/10! Ill be returning in a few years, hopefully for the Stelvio…


What does it look like?

The Alfa Romeo Giulia is a true work of art. Without a doubt one of the better-looking Saloons on the market today. A strong statement but in honest Alfa fashion they have produced yet another beauty. At the front end the Giulia looks aggressive and sleek. Alfa have achieved this in a rather simple way with 3 large grills and some sharp headlights. All accentuated by a slight bulge in the centre of the bonnet. Subtle creases can be seen down the sides of the vehicle along with slightly wide arches. And at the rear the finesse continues. Rear diffuser and dual exhausts finish the sporty looks, along with split rear lights and more creases at the top of the boot. Alfa have archived a great looking saloon by mastering the art of making the Giulia look aggressive and sporty yet not in any way obnoxious. 

 What’s it like inside?

The interior of the vehicle also lives up to the Alfa Romeo high expectations. Bearing in mind the current Giulia was released in 2016. The interior is still a comfortable and attractive place to be. It might lack a few tech features of its competitors, however, Alfa still made sure it looked good! The only dated feature on the interior is probably the manual dials. There is still a digital display between the dials, and some models even come with head up display! Away from the tech, everything else is close to perfection. Plush seats and dash, and premium materials throughout, make this car hard to turn down.

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Which Alfa Romeo is the cheapest model?

Alfa Romeo Tonale Ti

How much does it cost?

Starting RRP from £39,995.00

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