Before you lease…

Are all the cars you supply new vehicles?

Yes, all the cars we supply are brand new vehicles, we don’t supply used cars or imports.

Who supplies the vehicles?

All of our vehicles are supplied through official UK franchised dealerships.

Who finances the vehicles?

All of our vehicles are financed either directly by the car manufacturers or by large reputable finance companies that offer contract hire.

Will my new vehicle come with warranty?

Yes, all our vehicles come with the full UK manufacturer\’s warranty.

Does the vehicle come with road side assistance?

The majority of manufacturers supply a minimum of 12 months breakdown recovery with all new vehicles. Further information can be found on the manufacturer’s website.

Will my vehicle include Road Fund Licence (RFL)? (Also referred to as road tax)

Yes, you will have a minimum RFL of 12 months.  Over 95% of the vehicles we supply come with the RFL for the full duration of the lease e.g. 2,3,4 or 5 years.  This is dependent on the type of contract taken out and the finance company that is funding the vehicle.  (All business contract purchases, personal contract purchases or any Operating leases notably with Mercedes Finance only attract RFL for the first year.  The hirer will be responsible for the RFL for any subsequent years).

Will my lease include delivery?

Yes, approximately 99% of our vehicles are delivered to the customer free of charge to any UK mainland address.

How long can I lease a car for?

Typically, the minimum we offer is 2 years and the maximum we offer is 5 years dependant on the type of vehicle and contract taken out.

During your lease…

Who is responsible for insuring the vehicle?

The finance companies do not include insurance on a lease contract.  You will need to arrange your own fully comprehensive insurance for your lease vehicle.

Who is responsible for the vehicle maintenance?

Unless you have taken out maintenance with your lease contract you will be responsible for maintaining the vehicle.  This will include items such as servicing, maintenance and tyres.  Please ask Central (UK) Vehicle Leasing for a maintenance quote before you order your vehicle.

What happens if I want to terminate my lease early?

This will be dependent on the finance company through which your vehicle has been financed.  You will need to contact Central (UK) Vehicle Leasing to request an early termination quotation.  (As a rule of thumb you will be charged anything from 50% upwards of your remaining rentals).

Can I put a private number plate on my lease vehicle?

We advise customers to put private number plates on their lease vehicle after taking delivery.  However, this can be done before delivery but we require approx 4-6 weeks notice prior to delivery.  The private number plate must be removed before the vehicle will be collected at the end of the lease (please allow yourself approx 6 weeks to do this).

After your lease…

What happens when my contract is due to end?

Depending on the type of contract taken out you can just hand the vehicle back, ask to extend the lease if this option is available to you or apply for a price to purchase the vehicle at the end of the lease (dependent on the finance company).

What happens if I've exceeded my agreed mileage?

The finance company will make a charge based on your excess mileage rate a the end of the contract.  Your excess mileage charge will be annotated on your contracts. As an example if the excess was 5p per mile (inc VAT) then for 1000 miles over contract you will be charged £50 (inc VAT).

Will my vehicle be collected at the end of the contract?

Collection depends on the type of contract taken out.  The majority of contract hire, contract purchase, personal contract hire and personal contract purchase vehicles are collected by the finance company at the end of the lease unless you decide to purchase the vehicle.